Portland Computer maintenance actually employs two of the bestselling authors in the search engine optimization (SEO) world.   We sell these services to our local customer base as well as all over the world from our website www.SEOTechnologyMasters.com.

Both Sean Odom and Jason McCormick have been with the company since the company was started and are both bestselling SEO authors.

Maybe you have seen some of their books:

Sean Odom's SEO Books

Believe it or not many of our senior engineers are not only highly certified but also authors in the industry.

Sean Odom who heads up our Technical Engineering and Support Division has actually authored 44 industry books on the Windows operating systems, administering highly complex networks, diagnosing network problems, network security, virtually every Cisco certifications for the CCNA to CCDP track, and SEO.  

Why Do I Need SEO?

It’s almost a requirement for any sized businesses to advertise with a website and be successful at it! Especially with every other previously effective marketing tool becoming ineffective or out of their reach. In the days before Internet there were a number of ways to successfully advertise…now:

  • Code Enforcement is cracking down on signs.
  • Radio and TV advertising is getting too expensive and becoming less effective because of the number of stations.
  • Newspapers are virtually useless as people turn to the web.
  • Trade shows are few in number and most not marketed well anymore.
  • Almost no one uses a telephone book anymore because of the web.
  • Bus benches and billboards cost a huge monthly fee and again, how many people look at them anymore?

The Internet is now the telephone book. So as a business you have to adapt and not only adapt well, you have to do one better than your competitors so your name comes up at the top of the list. No longer can you just buy a full page ad in a telephone book to stand out. You have to do the equivalent on the Internet. Your website has to stand in the center of 800 million other websites and outshine the others.

I have a great looking website isn’t that enough?

Looks are one thing, but what’s behind the looks is actually more important than what your visitors see when it comes to marketing your website to search engines. It is so technically complex on how to get your website the best standing that it is now an exact science which changes from month to month. The novice person should not even attempt it. The old easy methods for marketing your website do not work and can and will get your website domain name banned from many search engines. And getting back in the search engines good graces after being is banned is tough and sometime impossible.

You need us representing your website and making it stand out! We have the knowledge and expertise to make your website stand out above all the others.

How do we do it?  We develop a comprehensive Internet marketing plan which we outline in the next section.

We Develop a Comprehensive Internet Marketing Plan

We use a monthly 139 point checklist to make sure your web site is designed with current search engine standards, changes will not affect standings, your reputation on the Internet is stellar, and your entire organic search engine needs have been met.

We believe that getting to the top of the search engine rankings is still not enough and the month to month standings on each search engine should never be left to chance. That’s why we purchase millions of Pay-Per-Clicks (PPC) on major search engines and include them in every premium package. You shouldn’t ever be married to PPC. It is all part of our full strategic plan for ever web site and allows us to get you results almost immediately and work with your organic ranking.

We also provide constant monthly monitoring with weekly reporting to stay ahead. This allows us to evaluate what your competition is doing, and change your plan dynamically to address their changes. Every company is individual and we love providing our SEO Services to those who are in the most need. Call us today! Packages start at just $159.00.  Give us a call today for more information!

Give us a call or e-mail us and see what we can do for you! Don’t wait. In the web world, what you do today won’t have an effect for 2-3 months.

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